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JotNow 1.5 Update

1.5 Update

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JotNow 1.5 Update

1.5 Update
When Sep 27, 2011 04:00 AM to
Oct 01, 2011 04:00 AM
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1.5 update is now available!

v1.5 JotNow Screenshot

We are happy and excited to release this update. Many great features have been added and even more coming soon (v1.7 update).

Thank you to all who have already purchased JotNow and to all who purchase it next.

1.5 Update changes:

  1. new app icon
  2. improved docking (rewritten from the ground-up)
  3. dock on the bottom, left or right edge of screen
  4. minimize note in-place
  5. all notes respect app hiding (see preferences)
  6. improved multi-monitor support
  7. 2 finger swipe notes left or right to dock (multi-touch trackpad only)
  8. added Open at Login (see preferences)
  9. updated note UI
  10. Supports new note on search (see preferences)
  11. added Float Note default (see preferences)
  12. added search filters :new, :today and :recent (type them in the search field)
  13. added Empty Trash (under File menu)
  14. updated edit notebook and category UI
  15. updated status bar and dock menus
  16. improved note searching workflow. Searches started on the main window, highlight the search terms in the opened (found) note.
  17. added in-note find bar (search text in each note)
  18. added auto-indent for note, which helps make lists (see preferences)


  • improved to-do list menu selected row detection
  • fixed note export issue
  • improved memory management
  • many stability improvements