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Bible Nook

Mobile Bible of the future, now.

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Bible Nook

Bible Nook

Bible software has come a long way. Now, let's take it a little further…

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Bible Nook allows you to study at your pace, bookmark verses for later retrieval and browse the bible like never before. Keep tabs on your bible reading, literally.

Bible Nook has been removed for now! A new and better bible study app is in the works.

iPhone and iPad bible study software for those who bookmark, read, and study the bible.
Bibles included (no internet connection required):
  • King James Version
  • American Standard Version
  • World English Bible
...many more to be added soon


Key Features:
  • Enhanced for iPhone retina display
  • Unlimited iCoud backup and restores at anytime. Available from the profiles screen.
  • Built-in tutorial/help
  • Share verses by email or SMS
  • Quick verse lookup
  • Add notes to bookmarks
  • Multi-finger gestures for quick access
  • Add categories on the go, no need to go the main list
  • Unlimited bookmarks (searchable). Now you can easily find the bookmarks you made, no more scrolling and hunting.
  • Unlimited searchable bookmark categories. This allows you to categorize verses to your heart's content. Organize your verses any way you like, place them in multiple categories.
  • Unlimited Study Profiles. Each profile has its own bookmarks, categories, references, tabs and page settings.
  • Unlimited tabs (searchable). Open multiple bible chapters at once and tab between them. Just like on the desktop, now for your bible.
  • Page settings for each profile. You can adjust the brightness, the font size and page color to your liking.
  • You can search every table/list. No more scrolling through the table, all tables can be searched. Just pull the table down to expose the search box tucked under the navigation bar.
  • Quick scrolling for those big books (ex: Psalms). With quick scrolling, you can get to that last chapter of the book in one swipe. Or just type in the chapter number.
  • Custom searchable cross references. Create your own bible cross references, and search the ones you've created.
  • Built-in flash card game for bible verses. What's a bible bookmark, if you can't remember it? Now you have a program that helps you memorize bible verses in a fun way and not just store them.
  • iPad friendly (but an iPad specific version is coming)
  • Enhanced search capabilities. You can easily confine your search to the new or old testament, or to a book.
  • Supports landscape and portrait mode (all device orientations)
...and much more.
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