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Conquestor support

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Conquestor support

Browser Toolbar

  1. Pages - Tap to display the pages (or tabs) for the current session.
  2. Bookmarks - Tap to display the bookmark manager
  3. Add Bookmark - Tap to display the add bookmark popover
    • If it detects a duplicate bookmark, it will display a warning before you add the bookmark
  4. URL Box - Tap to enter or edit a url
    • The URL can does not require "http://", it will be added automatically.
    • You can quickly clear the URL by tapping the "X" on the right-most side of the text box.
  5. Title Bar - Tap here or the device status bar (above) to jump to the top of the page.
  6. Stop/Reload Button - Tap to reload an idle page or tap to stop a loading page
    • The icon changes to indicate the page loading status
  7. Search Box - Tap to enter a search phrase
    • As of right now only "Google" search is supported. However, in the near future you will be able to perform custom searches.
  8. Browser Tools - Tap to display various browser tools. Provides access to Sessions, Users and Log Out user.


  1. Search Bookmarks - Tap to search by bookmark title, url or both. Results will contain the search terms. You can manage your bookmarks from the search results. Example: You can search and delete all the search results that match your search.
  2. Edit Bookmarks - Tap to enter Edit Mode. In this mode tapping a bookmark will allow you to edit the details of the bookmark. Also, delete options will be shown.


This window allows you to switch users, by tapping on the user's name. Each user has their own everything. Meaning, each user has their own Sessions, Bookmarks, Tags, History, and even cookies. This is an extremely useful ability, not just for sharing the iPad, but for separating profiles for single user devices; even when you don't need to share. Example: We use this feature to allow us to have a personal browsing user, and a user that stays logged into our support email account.

Each user stores his/her cookies. This allows you to literally have two different users stay "logged in" to multiple sites, while still keeping each user's information personal (and private). Example: User1 Logs into GMail, while User2 is logged in to Facebook. When you switch between users, the User1 will remain logged in to GMail, so when you switch back User2 you won't have to log in to Facebook again. This scenario is in use for our current email support. Users can  also be assigned a password and permissions.
  1. Edit Users - Tap to enter Edit Mode. In this mode tapping a user name will allow you to edit the user details. Set user passwords and permissions. Based on the user type, the add and edit buttons will be disabled. Note: You can not delete the original Owner account.
    • User Type
      • Owner (YES) - The user can add/edit/delete other user accounts.
      • Owner (NO) - The user can only login, and that is it.
  2. Search Users - Tap to enter a user name to find. The search term will be used to match the beginning of user names. Example: Typing "C" will display, "Christopher, Choby", but not "McPherson".
  3. Active User - The checkmark indicates the currently active user. During Edit Mode, you can not delete the active user.


History is displayed once you begin typing inside of the URL or Search box. The results within the URL box will display any URLs that contain what you typed. Likewise, the results within the Search box will display any recent names that contain your search term. Each search displays history items ordered by most recently visited to oldest.
  1. Tap Clear while results are displayed - This will clear all the displayed results. It will only display up to 7 results.
  2. Tap Clear twice or tap clear when no results are displayed - This will allow you to clear all history items both from the URL and Search box history.
  3. Swipe to delete - You can swipe any single result, to delete just that one history entry. If you have visited that URL several times, it may continue to display that result, but it depends on your most recent history entries.

Full Screen Mode

To enter full screen mode, with three fingers, tap any part of the web page. A floating browser toolbar will appear. Tap the full screen button (#3). It will then hide the browser toolbar and display a status bar at the bottom of the browser.
  1. Browser Status Bar - The bar displays the loading status of a page and the title of the page when the browser is not loading a page.
    • Status Bar Finger Gestures
      • Double-tap the status bar to display the floating browser bar.
      • Swipe along the status bar left or right to navigate the browser backwards or forwards.
  2. Floating Browser Bar - This displays a mini-browser toolbar. It displays all the same buttons as the normal Browser Bar and each button has the exact same function.
  3. Full Screen - Tap to enter full screen mode.
  • I forgot my user password - You will have to delete and reinstall Conquestor or use an account that is an "owner" to update the password.


Any questions or suggestions:
Conquestor Email Support