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JotNow v1.x documentation

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JotNow v1.x documentation

Download JotNow 1.x Docs (PDF)

Menu from the note body.

Text area menu

Menu from the header or footer of the note.

Header and footer menu


Menu Bar Icon = Click to see options

Show Open Notes = ⌥⌘J, you can perform this keyboard shortcut from any application. It shows all notes that are currently open (visible).


Note Manager

  • New Note = ⌘N
  • Print Selected Note = ⌘P
  • Find Note = ⌘F
    • Up or Down arrow keys to activate the note list (press [enter] to open a selected note)

Context Menu:

  • Any note row, right click (ctrl-click) on any row in the list to see the note menu


You can drag selected text or existing text files (RTF and TXT) to this window to create notes.



  • New Note = N
  • Show Note Manager = ⌥⌘M
  • Show Open Notes = ⌥⌘J
  • Show List (To Do) = L
  • New To Do = ⇧⌘L
  • Close Note = [esc]
  • Dock Note = ⇧⌘D
  • Shrink/Collapse Note = S
  • Insert Date string = D
  • Insert Date & Time string = ⌃⌘D
  • Rename Note = ⌘R
  • Print Note = ⌘P

Context Menus:

  • Header (title) or footer bar of the note (change note colors, note styles, notebook, etc)
  • Text area (spell check, paste, etc)
  • To rename a note: press ⌘R, then press [enter] to commit the name, press [esc] to disregard the change


  • Activate links, highlight the link then activate the context menu, and select open link or make url
  • Go to the last to do item = ⌥↓ (while the list is shown/active)


Open Notes = ⌥⌘J

  • New Note = N
  • Open Selected Note = [enter]
  • Dock All Open Notes = ⇧⌘D
  • Shrink/Collapse All Open Notes = S
  • Choose Note = Up or down arrows, then press [enter] to show the selected note
  • Show Note Manager = ⌥⌘M


Any questions or suggestions:
JotNow Email Support